Sapphire Tamalemai a 16 year old from Christchurch New Zealand and her family relocated to Australia after the deadly earthquakes in 2011. Sapphire then used it as an opportunity to pursue her musical dreams. Her father Rikke Tamalemai, who was her number one fan and greatest inspiration passed away in her arms from a heart attack right before she applied for The Voice. 

Her father worked many jobs to support her music dreams and it was his wish for her to apply to the show. Sapphire’s mom and sister were both side stage cheering her on for her blind audition and her father definitely in spirit. 

Sapphire is a young teen with many creative and influential talents. She’s not just a singer, but also a full- fledged musician who plays guitar and piano, a visual artist who dabs in digital format and a social media influencer with over 585k fans on TikTok. 

Sapphire says her whole life revolves around music and family. Even her first performance was at her grandmother’s 80th birthday celebration. “I sang ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Beyoncé. I believe it was last minute, and ever since then I came to where I am now.” 

Most recently Sapphire has dedicated her performances, including her moving Blind Audition, to her late father. 

“It was really hard considering he was always there. He would never leave my side, he was my best friend,” said Sapphire.

Now, the New Zealand-born beauty is doing what she does best — processing her feelings through her art. “I sing because that’s how I express myself,” she explained. “Singing is like a gateway for me to just be free and be happy. It’s something that means so much to me.”