Carson is in need of a dramatic, yet positive change and Ana is ready for it. 

Municipal union leader Ana Meni, has argued that her lack of political experience will be an advantage for her in the race against, as she called them, “career politicians.”

Her candidate statement reads:

“Carson has become as broken as the streets that we drive on and sidewalks we trip over.

Carson has been led into ineffective governance, failed projects, lawsuits, labor unfair practice charges, and lack of affordable housing.

Carson needs NEW and FRESH LEADERSHIP with in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the City that can respect the differences of opinions but has the ability to resolve issues.

Carson needs an INDEPENDENT THINKER that will fight for the best interest of the entire City, not instigate fights with each other.

Carson needs a representative that is PART of the COMMUNITY, not just make an appearance at events.

My experience working for the City of Carson over 24 years and representing the City of Carson employees of AFSCME Local 809 as President, has prepared me for this role.

I’m a lifelong resident from the Patch and 1st generation American whose family emigrated from Western Samoa in the 1970’s. We were raised that we were blessed with our talents to serve God and to serve our community. My work for the City of Carson and the Union is my service.

Carson needs PUBLIC SERVANTS to lead our City, not career politicians. I humbly ask for your vote as your next Mayor.”