NBC Presents Dwayne Johnson’s “YOUNG ROCK”

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NBC announced that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will executive produce and star in the new series “Young Rock”. The new series will follow the school years of Dwayne and even his early wrestling career. 

Executive producers Nanatchka Khan and Jeff Chiang created Fresh Off The Boat on ABC. A series that was also based on the true story of Eddie Huang. It shows Khan and Chiangs ability to make compelling television out of celebrities’ childhoods. Johnson recalled: “When myself and Nanatchka and our Seven Bucks team pitched our friends at NBC, all jaws were dropped. All hands were raised. They said, ‘We are in 100%. You’re not allowed to take pitches anywhere else. Take this off the table.’”

Johnson went into detail about the years Young Rock will cover, famous real life personalities who could be represented on the show and how much present day Johnson will appear on the show. The series will span grade school to post-grad life, suggesting they will need more than one actor to play Johnson at different ages. But NBC did not announce any casting besides Johnson himself. And he’s got plenty of stories to tell: “We’re going to find Young Rock, for example, wreaking havoc in the streets of Hawaii when I was a very young teenager, getting arrested seemingly every single week, doing a lot of things I shouldn’t have been doing. Still a good kid. Then from there of course we were evicted off the island and forced to leave the island and move to all places in Nashville, TN where again I continued to get in trouble. Then we go into my high school years and then onto Young Rock as a University of Miami football star if you will until I got beat out of my position by a guy by the name of Warren Sapp who just happened to go on to become one of the greatest defensive tackles of all time.”

Johnson confirmed that we’d see “Young Rock as a professional wrestler, and not in the bright lights and big success in the WWE but more importantly the critical times before I got to WWE.” He added, “I was wrestling for 40 bucks a match in a very small wrestling company out of, again, Nashville,  Tennessee.”

Johnson has promised to be in every episode. “We have found a really fun, just creative way to weave me into the show into every episode in a pretty cool way,” Johnson said.

During his life he had crossed paths with some major celebrities and says we might see them pop up in the show. Johnson states: “What’s crazy about this whole thing [was] the confluence of wild personalities that came in and out of my life during these times all these years. From my heroes Andre the Giant to Muhammad Ali to Ronald Reagan.”

Written by: Samantha Watts-Hopkins

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