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Roxy is originally from Santa Clarita Valley, now residing in Orange County and she is of Austronesian roots. She is our right-hand woman as she manages Island Block Network’s social media platforms. Before joining the team, Roxy would attend IBR’s Concert Series whenever she had the opportunity. She was eventually approached by a member from Island Block, RnD, who thought she would be perfect to be part of the team. Before gaining her role as Social Media Manager, she assisted Sav with Merch Sales at the Concert Series, and also at Pacific Islander Festival & Arts (PIFA) in San Diego. During her free time from striving towards her degree, she has gained a love in dancing ‘Ori Tahiti at Nonosina Polynesia Dance Studio.

My Favourite Quote

“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle” -Rumi


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