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Dating apps: Whether you love them or hate them, they’re an undeniable reality of dating in the modern age.

Well, a viral Reddit thread recently asked employees behind some of the biggest dating apps to spill their secrets: “What’s the most insane user stat or behind-the-scenes fact you found out about?”

The secrets shared by employees were a mix of shocking, wild, and just plain depressing. Here are some of the top-voted responses from users:

  1. “The amount of unsolicited dick pictures men would send women, not even accompanied by any words, was horrifying. I mean, you’d expect it because online dating is a cesspit, but the sheer amount would still surprise you. I had to look at each reported picture and say, ‘Yes, that’s a penis.'”
  2. “We used to create fake accounts and chat with users. It was everything from someone having a premium account that wasn’t getting responses, to bored employees.”
  3. “We had murder on our platform. The top of the company got interviewed as witnesses. TBH, there wasn’t really anything we did or could have done about it, but it is crazy to think about.”
  4. “The algorithms are less sophisticated than you think. … The main goal of the algorithm is always to get you to pay, never to actually ensure you meet somebody in real life, as much as we tried to lie to ourselves that it was.”
  5. “Female dating app users tend to sign off for the day several hours earlier than male users, which results in men who log in after about 10 p.m. generally not encountering many logged in female users. In order to keep these men feeling like there is genuine female activity on the site (and thus continuing to pay for memberships), dating apps can pay for entire armies of ‘ghosts.’ Ghost profiles use photos of real women, but are operated by men, typically young men in their late teens and early twenties, living in France, Serbia, Ukraine, and Russia.”

And there are many more disturbing stories. You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Written by: Samantha Watts-Hopkins

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