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Myz Lulu welcomes some very special guests to Episode 10 of Everyone Loves Lulu, the FOU Movement aka Fa’atasiga O Usos (Translation: Gathering of Brothers). Recently assembled the FOU Movement is comprised of 20 reputable usos from different hoods both Blood and Crips out of Carson, Compton, Long Beach down to Santa Ana, Oceanside, and San Diego.

The FOU Movement is the very first of its kind to bring together former sworn enemies in the streets but now usos under God. Many of the members of the FOU Movement were formerly incarcerated in the California state and federal penitentiary systems tallying up easily over 100 years combined. One of the founders and chairman, Valentino Luafalemana mentions how the movement organically came together through the sharing of daily gospel devotionals during the pandemic with several current members which then led to very intentional conversations of the need and want for change between the various Samoan blood and crip hoods. So out of these conversations, the FOU Movement was born.

Currently, the FOU Movement is working towards attaining its 501c3 status. The mission of the FOU Movement is to bring to light the darkness we once lived. Restoring hope to our communities by empowering the youth and providing resources for addicts and former inmates. The vision of the FOU Movement is to create a safe space for youth and the community at large that seek assistance with workforce development, addiction recovery, prison reentry programs, and youth empowerment.

My Favorite Quote

UO I ASO UMA AE USO I ASO VALE” ~ Samoan Proverb



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