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#MyzLulu welcomes local upcoming artists out of Long Beach, CA, #MsBRoyal to #EveryoneLovesLulu Episode 15. Born as Jessica Logologo on October 08, 1990, and raised on the North Side of Long Beach, California, B Royal was predestined for success. Jessica was surrounded by music wherever she went. Her parents were her first musical teachers. Automatically, island reggae was the roots of Jessica’s musical upbringing, however, her parents listened to a wide range of music selections from Hip-Hop to Country to even, Heavy Metal. So it was only natural for B Royal to be influenced by a diverse selection of artists while growing up. She remembers waking up every morning with her brother and putting on a VHS tape recording of music videos made by her dad. They were a mixture of music videos with R&B artists, heavy metal bands, and more. She LOVED those videos. From then on, her ears and eyes were already introduced to an open realm of genres. She grew up in a family that loves to entertain. Her parents weren’t shy or timid people. They loved to participate in shows and taught their kids to always embrace and share the talents and personality that God gave them. While growing up she performed in church or school talent shows, family reunion get-togethers, and even danced for a Polynesian dance group. Jessica grew up shy at first but eventually grew to welcome and enjoy the energy she received from entertaining other people. This was one of her first introductions to the world of showtime.

In the late ’90s, Jessica’s parents hosted karaoke at a local bar, in Paramount, called Sports Lounge. Ever since they were young, Jessica and her brother helped their dad with the new family business, where they each grew and developed their skills, DJ’ing local parties and events. Jessica was in charge of downloading and organizing all of the songs for the family business. This is where her knowledge of music grew even more. After turning 21, Jessica would soon take over the karaoke weekends at the local bar, where her parents worked at. 7 years later, she is now known as one of the best local KJ/DJ’s in the area at the newly renamed bar, Blvd. Cocktails. Soon after, Ms. B Royal was created. Her name was given to her by her father, who took “B” from Jessica’s nickname, “Bunny Boo”, but says “Royal” is the way his daughter should always think of herself. Grinding through all of the ups and downs of the music industry, B Royal has been able to collaborate with many producers, promoters, and local independent artists. She has been blessed to open up for many top hip hop artists such as YG, Problem, The Game, Luniz, Warren G, Too $hort, Kid Frost, Kam, WC, and also poly artists such as Tenelle, Brownsville, and Fiji. She continues to write more inspirational and heartfelt music based on her own life experiences. Growing up around a diverse community and struggling to find originality in the melting pot of so many cultures, genres, and artists, B Royal’s voyage has helped her evolve through the years where she has naturally come into her own style and flow, creating her own lane in island reggae music. She wishes nothing more than to share her soul with the world and help those who are also struggling in finding their place in life, to be who they truly are destined to be. “Live life with no regrets” is truly a motto she lives by and shares with everyone she comes across. Everyone last one of us should think of ourselves as “royal” because our Heavenly Father is the King of all Kings, which makes us all descendants of royalty and very deserving of our rightful place on the throne.

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