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Dating App Secrets

Dating apps: Whether you love them or hate them, they're an undeniable reality of dating in the modern age. Well, a viral Reddit thread recently asked employees behind some of the biggest dating apps to spill their secrets: "What’s the most insane user stat or behind-the-scenes fact you found out about?" The secrets shared by employees were a mix of shocking, wild, and just plain depressing. Here are some of […]

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Super Bowl 55 – 1st Female Referee

The NFL announced the official seven-person crew that will officiate this year’s Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 7 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Among those will be Down Judge Sarah Thomas, and she will make history by becoming the first-ever female referee to work the Super Bowl, per NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent spoke about Thomas’ historic accomplishment and how she deserved the […]

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Dream Job? Rate Pizza & Netflix Movies

“Netflix & Chill” has a whole new meaning. Binge-watching Netflix shows and eating takeout has become an enjoyable way to pass time amid the pandemic and now one person can get paid for it.  BonusFinder is looking to pay the perfect candidate $500 to inform them of the best binge-able Netflix shows and the most delicious takeout pizza. Whoever is chosen will have to watch and review three series, ranging […]

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Dinosaur Fossil Discovered – Largest Creature Ever

Experts have uncovered the remains of a gigantic dinosaur in Argentina, and believe it could be one of the largest creatures to have ever walked the Earth. Paleontologists discovered the fossilized remains of a 98 million-year-old titanosaur in Neuquén Province in Argentina's northwest Patagonia, in thick, sedimentary deposits known as the Candeleros Formation. The titanosaur, which lived from the Late Jurassic Epoch (163.5 million to 145 million years ago) through […]

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Live Nation Acquires Major Stake in Live Streaming Platform

Live Nation, the world’s largest live-entertainment company, has acquired a majority stake in Veeps, the ticketed Livestream platform launched by Joel and Benji Madden of the band Good Charlotte. The Madden brothers, along with cofounders Sherry Saeedi and Kyle Heller, will remain at the helm of Veeps, with their full team staying on to continue with all operations of the business, according to the announcement. Established in 2017, Veeps is […]

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Pro Surfer Rides 100 Ft Wave

Pro surfer Makua Rothman successfully rode a wave that was estimated to be about 100 feet tall over the weekend ... and the insane ride -- which some believe is a world record -- was all caught on video!! The drop-in went down in Hawaii on Saturday ... when Rothman and some of the rest of the country's best big wave surfers hit up a famous area known as "Jaws" […]

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Prison Sentence For Pretenders

A Haida filmmaker is pushing for new legislation in Canada to penalize people who pretend to be Indigenous in order to access grants, awards and jobs intended for Indigenous people.  Tamara Bell said she wants those who misrepresent their identity to face fines and even prison time. Bell's move comes on the heels of Indigenous elders exposing filmmaker Michelle Latimer's unfounded claims that she was Indigenous. Latimer, who recently directed […]

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Are Movies Theaters Absolute?

Netflix announced on Tuesday, January 12th, that they will produce 70 new movies for the platform in 2021, with at least one new movie being released every week. The streaming service touted the talented actors and actresses starring in the new movies, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock, Dwayne Johnson, and others. The pandemic made 2020 a difficult year for the movie industry. There were restrictions for filming, and some studios […]

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Harry O – Co-Founder of Death Row Records Gets Released

Michael “Harry-O” Harris, 60, is a music executive who financed the record label known for signing 2pac, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg. While serving prison terms totaling more than 40 years, he financed the start of Death Row Records in 1990s. He reportedly gave a $1.5 million investment to the label’s co-founder Marion “Suge” Knight. The label became an extremely successful business venture for both Harris and Knight, selling 18 […]

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